The kennels and cattery were established in the early 1960s by the previous owner who, in their own right, had built and refined the kenneling process. On taking over in 1994 it gave me the opportunity to implement many of my own ideas as well as the more modern approach to kenneling.

We proudly boast four types of kenneling, namely Standard, Luxury, Cabana and Suite kennels. In winter we offer heated kennels for those cold nights! The standard, luxury and heated kennels are all designed in the same manner, with one third indoors and two thirds outdoors, allowing the dogs to move out of their sleeping area to do the necessaries at night.

The differences between the kennels are as follows:

  • LUXURY: These kennels are climate controlled. We have music playing throughout the day which has a calming effect on our pampered pooches. The inside of the kennels have rubber matting to prevent slipping and assist with insulation. These kennels are also washed by hand twice daily.
  • HEATED: These kennels have an infra-red lamp, which offers a direct heat for the dogs and allows them to freely regulate their own temperature by moving under or away from the lamp.
  • SUITES: These units are designed for the smaller canines as well as the golden oldies. There is rubber matting in the sleeping area, a cemented stoep and a small lawn, so the beloved canines can come and go as they please. There is also an infra-red lamp that hangs over the bedding area for those colder nights. The walls and surrounding fencing are 1.2m high therefore not suited to the larger excitable puppies.
  • CABANA: These kennels are larger units with their own private fenced in lawn, giving the canines the freedom to come and go as they please. We currently boast two different types. There are 8 brick units which are spacious enough to comfortably house even the biggest of breeds as well as 4 wooden cabanas. These come equipped with windows, a stable door as well as their own patio for the canines to lie on and survey their surroundings.


We boast 10 large grassy exercise runs into which the dogs get taken out two to three times daily. This gives us the opportunity to play  with the dogs and get to know them on a more personal level. Often the older quieter visitors prefer to have a lie in the sun at which point we offer a tummy tickling service or a relaxing ear rub. In addition, we also have splash pools on request for the swimmers amongst us!  These pools are washed out and refilled daily, so that the dogs can enjoy a playful romp in fresh cool water, or just have a relaxing soak after an intense ball game.


All the staff are trained to do visual and physical assessments of the dogs during the handling processes. This provides the opportunity to pick up on any underlying conditions and taking the correct steps timeously.

  • Twice daily the kennels are washed out, water replaced, bedding cleaned and beds made. Kennels are disinfected after every visit.
  • The dogs are dipped routinely in order to prevent the infestation of parasites.


Our menu consists of a premium vet recommended dry food as well as a boiled minced chicken for the fussier pallet. You are most welcome to provide your own cuisine.


Our cattery is far removed from the dog kennels, thereby giving the kitties the peace and quiet they so deserve and appreciate. Our Cattery is set in an old stone building with lots of trees. Selected runs have trees growing in them into which the kitties can clamber and view their surroundings. All the runs have tree stumps to vie a more natural feel.

The runs have a sheltered portion into which the kitty bedding is placed away from the elements. Our kitties are spoilt for choice with Luxury and Standard unit options. The luxury units are larger, and have a kittie door separating the sleeping area from the outside run, creating a cozier environment within. These units are also heated with an infrared lamp as necessary for those cold winter nights as well as soft artificial turf for your kitties delicate paws.

The cattery is cleaned twice daily with water being replaced and beds being made at the same time. We feed according to your requirements and our in-house menu offer a premium dry food. If you  wish to supply your own cuisine we will be happy to accommodate you! Their favorite toys and treats are more than welcome.