We have a twenty-four hour a day vet at our disposal a mere five minutes drive from the kennels. A vet is on the premises at least once a week and is at our beck and call at any time of the day or night.

They are most willing to do routine vet checks as well as all the annual vaccinations required. This is done with us at the kennels.

We request that all pets brought to the kennels to have been vaccinated during the previous twelve months with a Multi vaccine, Rabies vaccine as well as a Kennel Cough vaccine for dogs or a snuffles vaccine for the cats. Please ensure that your pet has been treated for ticks and fleas prior to check in. Proof thereof must be supplied – alternatively it will be done for you at an additional cost.

It is recommended that all pets be de-wormed at least every six months. This is a service we also provide.


At the kennels we offer a grooming service for your pampered dogs. As part of our routine service we will brush out your dogs and cats and trim nails where necessary.

We will gladly brush, bath, dip and trim your pets nails on the day of departure.

We also offer an outside grooming service whereby we will collect your dogs from your home, groom them and return them safe and sound.


Small – R86.00
Medium – R97.00
Large – R108.00
X-Large – R119.00

Only wash and trim nails. (No Clipping)


As an added service we will happily collect and deliver your pets, within a 15km radius, from and to your home for both kenneling as well as grooming.