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Please complete the kitty form for a free no obligation quotation.

In order to confirm the booking a 50% deposit is required.

Please Note: All pet vaccinations have to be up to date prior to check-in, certificates need to be sent to [email protected] in advance.

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    Terms & Condition

    What to bring with:

    Please ensure the following comes with when booking your fur kids in:
    • Bedding
    • Travel crate or Collar, harness and lead
    • Own food (no bowls are needed)
    • Vaccination card with all 3 the necessary vaccines (Multi, Rabies, Snuffles, all done within the last year
    • Tick and flea treatment or proof there of (You are welcome to purchase from us)
    • Toys & Treats (We have a wide range of each in our shop)
    • Anything else to make us a home-away-from-home to make it their own

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