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General Terms & Conditions of Boarding

I agree that my pets will be boarded at La Brie Kennels and Cattery (La Brie) subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I warrant that the pet(s) described on the application form are in good, sound health and condition, and that I have disclosed to La Brie all and any ailments, diseases, injuries or other relevant conditions from which any of them may be suffering or tend to suffer, and that all their annual inoculations, including against rabies, “kennel cough” for dogs and “snuffles” for cats were administered by a qualified and registered Veterinarian, and their anti-flea and tick treatments are up-to-date. I undertake to pay for any veterinary treatment, inoculations or anti-flea and tick treatments which may be required for my pet(s) prior to admission, before the pet(s) will be accepted for boarding by La Brie.
  2. I warrant that the information contained in the veterinary record of each pet is accurate, up-to-date and complete for that pet.
  3. I understand that my pet(s) are boarded by La Brie entirely at my own risk and expense, and that La Brie, its proprietors, staff, assistants, or agents (collectively, “La Brie”) will not be liable for any injuries or illnesses my pet(s) may incur, or for their death, or for any loss, costs, damages or expenses I may suffer or incur as a result of the boarding of my pet(s) or in respect of any bedding, collars, toys or other equipment supplied by me for my pet(s), unless caused by the grossly negligent or wilful act or misconduct of La Brie.
  4. By my signature hereto I hereby indemnify La Brie, and hold them harmless against all or any claims of whatsoever nature arising as a result of my pet(s) being boarded by La Brie, other than in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct as set out in 3 above, and undertake to pay to La Brie, on demand, the amounts of any such claims which may arise and have been paid or incurred by La Brie.
  5. I agree that if, in the absolute discretion of La Brie my pet(s) require any form of veterinary treatment as a result of injury or illness or in order to prevent the development of any illness or the deterioration of any injury the pet(s) may have sustained, La Brie shall be entitled to engage the services of such Veterinarians or veterinary specialists as they may consider necessary. The decision of any Veterinarian engaged to treat my pet(s) shall be final, including in extreme cases a decision to euthanize the afflicted pet(s), and I hereby ratify and confirm any such treatment or action on the part of the Veterinarian concerned, and/or La Brie. I undertake to pay any such costs incurred by La Brie for my pet(s) on demand or on collection of the pet concerned, whichever event occurs first.
  6. I hereby authorize La Brie, in its entire discretion, to house any of my pets with any other animals, provided such action will pose no threat to the safety and wellbeing of my pet(s).
  7. La Brie shall be entitled, in its entire discretion, to dispose of any pet(s) not collected by me within 14 days of their originally intended departure date, unless La Brie has agreed with me to extend the boarding time for my pet(s). In such event I will have no claim of any nature against La Brie, and will be liable for the additional boarding fees at the then prevailing rate, which additional fees must be paid before my pet(s) will be released by La Brie.
  8. Under NO circumstances will clients be attended to outside of office hours. La Brie reserves the right to charge an after-hours surcharge to be determined by them should this not be adhered to.
  9. I agree that if La Brie is found liable to bear the costs of any loss or damage suffered by me as a result of the grossly negligent or wilful conduct of La Brie the amount to be paid by La Brie shall not exceed the total costs of boarding the pet(s) concerned.
  10. I undertake to pay the deposit required by La Brie upon making the reservation for my pet(s), and to pay the full balance of the boarding fees due on the day I check in my pet(s) for boarding.
  11. I understand that any refund of my deposit or part thereof in the event of my cancelling this reservation is subject to La Brie’s Cancellation Policy
    • ANY cancellation 30 or more days prior to booking = 50% refund.
    • Cancellation within a 30 day period prior to booking = NO refund.
    • Any change of dates will result in a R250.00 admin fee.
  12. No refund will be issued for early collections– the days booked are the days paid for.