Our kennels and cattery were first established in the early 1960’s by the previous owner, who had already built and refined the kennelling process.

Upon taking over in 1994, it gave us the opportunity to implement many of our own ideas, including modernising the kennelling approach and turning it into the loving pet home it is today.

We proudly offer five different kennel types for our canine companions, namely Standard, Luxury, Suites and Cabanas.

During winter months your canines will be truly spoiled with different heating options per kennel. Our Standard and Luxury kennels are all designed in the same manner, with one third indoors and two thirds outdoors, giving your dog the best of both worlds.

Dog Kennel
Accommodation Options


Our luxury units are climate controlled and equipped with rubber matting to prevent slipping and assist with insulation. Your furry friend is also treated to music throughout the day which has a calming effect on your pampered pet. These kennels are also lovingly hand washed twice a day.


The heated kennels are equipped with an infra-red lamp directly over the sleeping area, guaranteeing that your companion is nice and snug. This also allows them to freely regulate their body temperature by moving away from directly underneath the lamp.


Our suites are perfect for smaller dogs and golden oldies. Equipped with non-slip rubber matting in the sleeping area, it also boasts a stoep and a small piece of lawn offering your beloved canine everything their heart desires. These kennels can also be heated with infra-red lamps. Due to the 1.2 meter surrounding fences and walls, these kennels are not suitable for larger excitable puppies or dogs.


The cabanas are our larger units that come with their own private, lawned yards. There are 8 brick cabanas best suitable for robust pups, and 14 wooden cabanas for the less chewy canines. All our wooden cabanas come equipped with windows, a stable door and a patio for ultimate relaxation.

Our Facilities

We boast 16 large grassy exercise runs into which your furry friend gets taken out into, two to three times a day. This gives us the opportunity to spend some quality time with your companions and get to know them on a more personal level.

The Hound Playground! 40 x 20 open, off lead play area. Allowing your pups to run around, sniff and just have fun. More than enough room for a good game of fetch and a leg stretch.

Often the golden oldies prefer to relax in the sun, where they will lovingly be offered a tummy tickle or a relaxing ear rub.

In addition, we also have splash pools on request for the water babies. These pools are washed out and refilled daily, perfect for a playful romp in fresh cool water, or just a relaxing soak after an intense game of fetch.

Daily Routines

Our team is trained to do visual and physical assessments of all creatures in our care at all interactions. This provides us with the opportunity to pick up on any underlying conditions and take the necessary steps in a timeously manner.

Our facilities are meticulously washed out, water replaced, bedding cleaned, and beds made twice a day. Kennels are disinfected after every visitor.

Dietary Requirements

Please pack your fur kids cuisine from home.


The cattery is lovingly cleaned, and beds made, twice a day.  Please supply your own cuisine for your feline friend. You are most welcome to bring their favourite toys and treats with to make their stay more comfortable.

The kitty runs all have a sheltered portion where your kitty’s bedding will be placed, away from the elements. Your feline friend will be truly spoiled for choice with Luxury and Standard unit options.

Our luxury units are somewhat larger and have a kitty door separating the sleeping area from the outside run, creating a cosier, more relaxing environment within. They come equipped with soft artificial turf for your kitty’s delicate paws and can be heated with an infra-red lamp upon request.

The cattery is lovingly cleaned, and beds made, twice a day. We offer premium dry cat food, but please feel free to supply your own cuisine should you prefer. You are most welcome to bring their favourite toys and treats with to make their stay more comfortable.

Day Care

We offer day care for your K9 pups; are they bored at home? Have you downsized and the pups are frustrated in a smaller garden? No time for daily exercise?
Free play in small, supervised, age, breed, and size appropriate groups.
Mental stimulation with one-on-one “brain” games.
Physical exercise catered to the individual’s needs.
Functional obedience training.
Sunny spots for relaxing.
Loads of love, attention, and cuddles!
Physical exercise catered to their individual’s needs.
Functional lead training.

Other Services

Veterinary Services

We have access to a 24-hour veterinary service, 10 minutes away from the kennels.

All pets staying or visiting La Brie must have been vaccinated during the last twelve months with a multi vaccine, rabies vaccine and a kennel cough vaccine (dogs) or a snuffles vaccine (cats). Alternatively a letter from your vet stating otherwise will also be accepted.

All pets will need to be treated for ticks and fleas. Proof thereof must be supplied, alternatively it will to be done for you at an additional cost.

It is recommended that all pets be de-wormed at least every 3 months, We can assist in this regard too.

Grooming Services

As part of our routine, we brush out your fur kids prior to going home. You can also pamper your dog with a bath and nail trim before departure, available on request.

Transport Requirements

We know that you lead busy lives, that is why we offer a collection and delivery service for your fur kids within a 15km radius of our kennels.

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