I, Lindy Coetzee, have been involved with animals all my life. I grew up in a veterinary  practice from the time that I could walk, at times I was locked in the holding cages where I could see everything but stay out of mischief!

Throughout my schooling I did part time work in the practice as a receptionist and also assisted with a lot of the animal nursing.  I also worked in a pet shop and grooming parlour throughout my high school career. I would later go on to own and run my own pet shop and grooming parlour.

I started to show dogs in high school. I owned and showed German Shepherds, Jack Russell Terriers and French Poodles.  I was later introduced to the Parson Russell Terrier by my mother. In recent years, I have showed and bred Border Collies.  I have proudly taken Venron Dare to Dream “Dreamer” to the ranks of winning best in show at all breeds championship shows on two separate occasions and have had the privilege to make up numerous dogs into breed champions. I also ride horses, train dogs in obedience, agility, dog jumping, protection, tracking and sniffer work.  Two of my Parson Russell Terriers are displayed on the West’s Beeno Boxes, having made their debut in the modelling industry.

After matric I went on to study small business management and public relations.  Having discovered that my passion still lay with animals I decided that I needed to find a career that would allow me to work with people and animals.

I started in the kennelling industry in January 1994, where I fully realised the extent of my passion for animals. I have not looked back!

Another of my passions which snuck up on me was the passion I have for Border Collies. This has lead me to becoming involved with Border Collie Rescue, a NPO which is responsible for the taking in of all Border Collies that find themselves in less than favourable situations.

In 2008 I got involved with K9 Search and Rescue Association.  We are a voluntary civilian organization who train our dogs to follow live scent using the air scent method.  Our focus is to help locate missing people.

We are often called on to work in conjunction with SAPS, EMS, SANDF, INSARAG, MSAR, ORRU and most local authorities.  Our handlers and dogs are also trained and qualified for disaster work.  Our teams are registered with Disaster Management SA to be able to assist in the event of collapsed structures.  Sylva, my border collie, and I have been fully qualified since 2010.

We have been involved in several successful searches, and have traveled across the country to do demonstrations and facilitate training for groups as far flung as the Cape!

Our Team

There are a number of staff members that have an active roll in keeping the wheels rolling and well oiled in our establishment.

Jim Setjie is the most senior member of the team and has been a loyal member since 1995. He is not only the manager of the cattery but also takes great pride in looking after our resident horses.

Phineas Setjie, a long standing member since 1997, plays an integral part in our canine team.

Samuel Setjie started working part-time over the December holidays whilst still at school and has been a full time member since matriculating in 2000. Samuel has become the head groomer and care giver to all the canines in our care.

Raymond Madutung, a member since 2011, is our assistant groomer as well as our kennel assistant, helping out with our canines during grooming and feeding

Edward Madutung, a member since 2007, takes his duties as grounds keeper very seriously and fills in with the kennels and Cattery whenever necessary.

Victoria Mabasa has been part of the team since June 2015. She currently has a diploma in animal health and looks after all the animals in her care as if they were her own.